The Latest-December 2015

The world is a dangerous place not because of people who are evil but because of the people who didn’t do anything about it-Albert Einstein

November is always a special time in the Social Science Department as it is Veterans Month. The focal point of this month-long event is the annual commemoration of Remembrance Day on the 11th.

This year students from Mr. Battistel’s Grade 10 history class helped organize the prayer service held in the auditorium with the assistance of our chaplain, Ms. DeBruyne. Demetrio Sposato was the master of ceremonies, while Kelsey Baranyk read the poem “In Flanders Fields.” Ms. DeBruyne led the assembly in prayer, while Julie Hauth sounded the Last Post and Reveille. The school band, under the direction of Mr. Soderlind, played beautifully throughout the service.

Remembrance Day 2015

Remembrance Day 2015

In the Social Science Department we strive to develop creative and dynamic approaches to our subject content to engage 21st century learners. Using technology is one way in which we can accomplish those goals; computers, iPads and GPS units all are examples these of items. In November, Mr. Battistel’s Grade 10 history students put a modern twist on 1920’s and 1930’s events by using iMovie to create news reports. The project allowed them to incorporate technology while utilizing their skills of historical inquiry. The results were quite entertaining!

Shooting iMovies, November 2015.

Shooting iMovies, November 2015.

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